This is the story of Goblins seeking refuge while their world is falling apart. You have to make many sacrifices. Your home, your things and maybe even your relatives - or can you get everyone into safety?

We would describe it as a survival text adventure with point and click elements.

Initially made for Ludum Dare 43 but it received a quite a few additions and improvements after that.

Game Design/Programming: Lodugh
Concept/Art: Konsumopfer77
Text: Schlumpf, Konsumopfer77, Lodugh
Tools: Godot, Krita, Audacity


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Could you make a part 2 plz. I would buy it.


Glad you liked it! Did you get them all to survive? :)
We were working on an update with some new biomes and events and a few improvements. Seeing that theres still interest makes me wanna get that update ready, very soon ;).

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Yeah I managed to save them all a few times, but it's definitely a challenge! It takes a few tries and learning from experience helps, and it still takes some amount of luck. I've found the best items are Medicine, Food, Bandages and Water, and it's better to take the mountains because  it's safer and  you're more likely to find water there (from my experience). At first I always brought the bow because I thought it was better to be able to hunt and fight rather than just take some food, but I feel like the success rate with the bow isn't high enough to justify it and it's better to rely on luck. I also took more "useless" items to see if they had an use that wasn't obvious, like the book or the plushie, but they turned out to really be useless. Taking only useless stuff and making bad choices gave me an ending where none of them survived :(

I'm really excited to hear that there will be an update! Thank you so much for making this amazing game! "Plain plains, pain in my veins" has been stuck in my mind for some time, now.

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Thanks a lot for the in depth feedback! It really makes me happy to see someone being that excited about the game :). Some of the useless items will definitely get some more uses in the next update.
And we will try to make it a bit longer with more possible paths. That should also make all the decisions more impactful.


I want them all to be happy

i pick out my four items but it keeps giving me the wrong thing


I cant seem to reproduce that bug. With which items does it happen exactly?

i picked the rock for fire, food, and axe

Uh, maybe you are just missing an overview of the items other than the consumable ones? Or did you actually get something else instead?


Really, really great! The dialogue for once you lose a goblin or two is h e a r t w r e n c h i n g "snotch misses glort so much it hurts" ugh!!! So good - this game gets you to feel for these unfortunate goblins right off the bat. The art is incredible as well.

Glad you liked it!

Currently working on adding more random events : )


Dude I love goblins! I was glad that after a couple of tries I was able to help them all escape :)


Yeah they can be so cute :D. Nice to hear that you enjoyed it.
I definitely plan to get another update out one day! I guess it primarily needs more content.


Love it

Happy to hear that :)


better than Lord of the Rings! 10/10